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Gas Safety Certificates/Reports

As a landlord, it is your responsibility to make sure your property is fit for tenants and that any potential health and safety risks are taken care of.

If your property makes use of gas installations, it is mandatory to acquire a Gas Safety Certificate (also known as a Gas Safety Record or a CP12) every year. A problem relating to faulty gas installations could be disastrous, so it’s especially important to stay informed on this subject.

While for some it’s not a legal requirement for gas engineers to give Gas Safety Record documentation, as a landlord you must always ensure that you are given this documentation as it is a legal requirement to provide your tenants with evidence of the safety check. 

In your record you will find:

Another thing to keep in mind is the gas pipework of your property; while this isn’t covered by the annual gas safety check it’s recommended that you ask your engineer to test for tightness along the pipes, and visually examine them as much as possible when they perform their test. It’s also recommended you all appliances serviced each year to help prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of the apparatus.