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Electrical Installation Condition Report

As a landlord, you have a lot of responsibilities to keep track of. If you’re not aware of these responsibilities you may be putting your property, yourself, or your tenants at risk. These blogs will look at some of the most crucial responsibilities you should be aware of, and what you can do to keep on top of them.

As resilient as a property might seem, all things are liable to degrade and require repair or replacement as time marches on. Neglecting to take care of electrical installations can be especially risky because any damaged or faulty problems with electrics could cause a fire. This why you’ll need to carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR. When you have your EICR inspection, the report will rate it according to three different categories:

C1 – There is a serious danger with your electrics that require immediate action.


C2 – There may be danger and the problem should be examined as soon as possible.


C3 – There doesn’t seem to be any danger but improving your electrical system is still advised.


The EICR is of even more importance since the government has from April of this year made it mandatory for landlords to carry out a EICR once every five years for all rental properties. It’s also important to consider the consequences of not maintaining your property’s electrical systems, as any harm to tenants because of electrical faults will be your legal responsibility.

Finally, if you’re looking at some prospective properties, always try and find out when the EICR was last carried out, because the electrical systems could be in a poor state, requiring significant repair costs. As a responsible landlord you should think, ‘would I be happy with these electrics in my own house?’.